Owners Message

The mission of NaturalsMe is to share an affordable, unique, all-natural room and body spray that combines the pleasurable aromas of nature with age old plant remedies.  It’s about time!

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by artificial products from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the perfumes we spray on our skin and in our homes.  These products contain preservatives and harmful fillers, but we use them every day and don’t think twice about it.

Here at NaturalsMe, we are passionate about using natural and organic products that bring the best our beautiful earth has to offer without the man-made additives included.  Sadly, in our search to find a natural alternative to perfumes and room sprays with harsh chemicals, we were confronted with a very small and very expensive selection.  We’ve been making our own ever since and would love to make them for you!

With only three ingredients in our natural room and body sprays, we are committed to providing the purest aromas that are 100% safe to use on fabrics, skin, all household surfaces, and even fur babies.